Anonymous asked:

All of your alistairs comics are soo cute >.> are you making more bc those really make my day :x

Thank you! I will make more, but real life is consuming all my time for the summer. I’m working on them whenever I can. 

lichbookclub asked:

Your Templar Alistair / Circle Mage Anders comics are so pretty and detailed. I don't know how you manage to draw such detailed costumes over and over. Also, I love their chemistry, A+ keep it up <3

I have love/hate feelings about fancy robes and armors. Drawing them did take a lot of time, but I’m glad you liked them! Thank you! 

Anonymous asked:

DA is my life and your comics are sooo perfect!! XD I never think about anders and Alistair but they match perfectly!! :) I hope you'll write more!! :D have a nice day!! *\(^o^)/*

I certainly will! I have a few in mind right now and will work on them as soon as the time allows. Thank you for your kind words!